How One Real Estate Agent Went from Zero to 30 Million in Sales

In 2017, Edward Hutchinson was a new real estate agent on a mission to make it in the world's most competitive real estate market, Los Angeles.

Since then, he's amassed a powerful social network and reached 30 Million in sales in just one year. Tune in every Tuesday starting March 3rd, 2020, to see how.


Episode 4 Airing 3/24/2020

Episode 5 Airing 3/31/2020

Episode 6 Airing 4/7/2020

Episode 7 Airing 4/14/2020

Episode 8 Airing 4/21/2020

Episode 9 Airing 4/28/2020

Episode 10 Airing 5/5/2020

Episode 11 Airing 5/12/2020

Episode 12 Airing 5/19/2020

The Main Players

Edward Hutchinson

Ed is a real estate agent who recently moved from London to Los Angeles. He's started off with zero contacts in the area and is looking to build a network and reach 30 Million in real estate sales.


Ed's fluffy Pomeranian pup, George, may be tiny, but he has a huge personality and some darn good marketing potential. His goal? Sneak as many treats as he can while Ed's not looking. 


As a company that builds powerful branding and marketing tools for real estate agents, we decided to test our platform by choosing one promising realtor (Ed) and putting him and us to the ultimate test.

The Goal:

Help Ed reach 30 Million in Real Estate Sales by the end of the year.

The Plan:

Create a real estate TV Show with Ed that shows his life as a real estate agent AND his life outside real estate. Then broadcast it to thousands of people on social media to help him build a powerful brand and network.

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Why We're Using Social Media

"70% of people look up brands on Instagram, and 60% find out about new products on it."

"Businesses say that the top benefits they derive from social media marketing are increased exposure (93%), more traffic (87%), generated leads (74%), and enhanced sales (72%)."

"71% of consumers with a positive social media experience with a brand are likely to make positive recommendations to others."

"200 million users visit at least one business profile per day on Instagram."


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