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What to Post on LinkedIn to Start Generating Real Estate Leads

Before we can talk about what you should be posting on LinkedIn, we should first understand who you’re going to be talking to on this platform. So, to get started, let’s talk about LinkedIn’s audience.LinkedIn is unique in that it’s a social media platform designed specifically for professional networking.

LinkedIn users log in with a purpose, and it’s not to scroll through adorable photos of fluffy puppies.

GIF asking 'Really?'

You can pretty much repost and reuse the content you’re posting across your other social channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but you should treat LinkedIn a bit differently.


So, what types of content should you be sharing on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is not the place to share a photo of what you cooked for breakfast or a video of your morning yoga routine (unless you happen to be a top chef or professional yogi of course). Remember, LinkedIn is designed for professionals and you'll want to share content catered to this crowd, so always keep this in mind when posting.

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Informational Blog Posts or Articles

The best way to establish yourself as a real estate expert on LinkedIn is to share content with educational value to your connections. Post informational and interesting articles, written by you, or blog posts that are relevant and highly targeted to your market.

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Properties in your Area

The reality is that the majority of your connections aren’t going to be ready to buy or sell a home right at this moment, but you can still appeal to their sense of curiosity by posting attractive listings from your area. Showing off your favorite homes for sale or marketing your own listings will help you stay top-of-mind and keep your network interested in your business. That way when they are eventually in the market, they’ll think of you.


Eye-catching Videos

In today's online world- video content is king. Facebook users alone watch an average of 100 million hours of video per day and Instagram video consumption has recently increased by 40%. That means sharing videos with your network is a great way to attract attention to your brand and gain interest in your business.

Take a look at this video business card, shared by Keller Williams agent Christina Hogan:

Example of agent Video Business Card

Her video created quite the buzz on her social media channels, got her connections talking and helped generate a number of referrals and leads.

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Your Expert Opinions and Advice

There are many ways to establish credibility and authority on LinkedIn. The network actually has its own built-in publishing platform, much like a blog, where you can write tips and articles or share advice with your audience. This is a great place to natively share informational content as there are plenty of active users tuned in and ready to consume.

You can also share regular posts and updates giving your opinions on industry news or even make predictions about upcoming market trends.

When it comes to LinkedIn, post content that focuses on your specific expertise and use your voice to establish credibility. Invest a bit of time each week using this social platform, sharing the above types of content consistently and you'll be well on your way to generating leads and referrals in no time!

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