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How to Use Video to Skyrocket your Real Estate Business


The journey to reach 30 million in residential real estate sales continues...

In Episode 2, LA real estate agent, Edward Hutchinson builds on the two strategies that he started in Episode 1: connecting with his audience by creating a strong personal brand, and creating engaging video content that showcases his expertise. 

A Personal Brand Increases Recognition and Builds Trust with Your Audience

Ed kicks off Episode 2 of the Future of Real Estate by reminding his audience who he is and what makes him unique.

He shows how he starts off his day with his morning surf session, his adorable pomeranian sidekick, George, and changes into a daily uniform (a suit and red socks) before getting to work touring some of LA’s hottest homes. 

Edward Hutchinson's dog, George, doing his morning stretches

While all of these things may seem trivial in the grand scheme of making $$, when we look at the most successful agents, personal branding is something that every single one of them has mastered.

This short introduction that Ed gives in Episode 2 is key because it increases recognition and builds trust with his audience. This is especially important when starting out as a new agent, or starting out your social media marketing.

When creating content for social media, give your viewers a reason to remember you, and a way to connect with you.

Do you start off every day with a morning run? Are you an expert gardener? Do you spend your free time running between your kids' activities? Showcasing these aspects of your life on your channels is one of the most important parts of your social media marketing strategy!

Build your Business with Video Content

In Episode 2, Ed showcases his trademark series, LA Mansion Tours. Remember, in 2017, Ed had moved from London and was just starting out as an agent in LA, so he had to work extra hard to grow his network. One of the ways he did this was by touring LA's most expensive listings every Tuesday and promoting these tours on his social media channels.

The first of these is located on North Crescent Drive in Beverly Hills, and priced at $19 Million, with 8 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms.

One of the properties that Ed toured for his series LA Mansion Tours

He describes the location of the home and the neighborhood, (showing off his expertise!!), and highlights his favorite features of the home.

When doing home tours on your social media accounts, remember to:

  1. Share high-quality photos and video (luckily, today most smartphones have pretty incredible cameras)
  2. Add subtitles
  3. Share your knowledge about the neighborhood
  4. Give your opinion on the home
  5. If you’re sharing on Instagram stories (and you should be!), add a poll at the end. The more people who engage with your post, the more likely they are to see your stories in the future!

The second home that Ed sees is a whopping 26.9 million dollars on Summit Drive in Beverly Hills, with 7 bedrooms and 7 baths.

the living room of the 26 million dollar home that Ed featured on LA Mansion Tours

After the tour, Ed shows off his market knowledge by comparing this property to other top homes on the market.

Finally, Ed asked his viewers for their opinion: is it worth 27 million? Ending with a poll is the best way to get your viewers to engage with your content and keep coming back for more.

Ed also reminds viewers when and where he’ll be back sharing LA mansion tours. When building a brand and a following on social media, the best thing you can do is be consistent with your content.

Instagram post that reminds Ed's audience that LA Mansion tours will be back on his Instagram stories tomorrow

Showcase Awesome Homes, but Still Share Properties that are Relevant to Your Market

Although LA mansion tours have been extremely successful for Ed, there was one thing that he said he would have done differently: include more variety in price points to avoid positioning himself too much in the luxury market.

While it's important to define your niche (and Ed's is luxury!), if you do work with other types of properties, you should include those as well.

Ed said that since he focuses the majority of his content on the most expensive properties in LA, there are probably potential clients who haven't reached out to him about selling a home at a lower price point. 

He explained that "there are a lot of times I’ve gotten messages saying, 'hey, I know someone who’s trying to sell a house, it’s only $2 million, do you deal with properties at that price?' In reality, we absolutely do properties at $2 million. We’ll do anything from above a $500,000 dollar condo, all the way up to $100 million dollars, as well as leasing. So the importance of making that relevant in your content is something that I’ve learned. I'd like to get better at referring to the whole market, not just the super-wealthy billionaires who can afford some of the most ridiculous homes you’ve ever seen."

Reach More Potential Clients with Your Video Content

In our Facebook and Instagram ad for Episode 2, we saw a huge increase in engagement- over 400 people reacted to the video on our Facebook ad- 200 more than the week before!

For starters, our post included a clear CTA or call-to-action. 

The post copy:

'What would you prefer? This $32.5 million mansion in the hills or the $19.7 million bachelor pad with one heck of a view?'

Episode 2 alone got over 70,000 views across social media platforms like Youtube and Facebook, leading to people recognizing Edward more often in person and online!

We optimized this week's Facebook ad for video views, which ensures that as many people as possible actually watch the episode. Our plan is to create an audience of everyone who has watched the series so far, and then retarget those people with future episodes. If just starting out in your market, this is a great way to build an audience for your future marketing (i.e. social media ads for your listings and open houses). 

Tune in next week for a look at Episode 3! Follow us on Instagram to watch Ed's personal branding journey every Tuesday.

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