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Introducing a New and Improved Way to Measure Your Online Marketing

online marketing tips Oct 09, 2018

We gave up on counting clicks. It’s time to understand the true impact of your online marketing efforts.


Content views are only one piece of the puzzle.

“Your content has been viewed X number of times.” What does this number alone tell you? Very little.

Up until today, all PropertySimple accounts came with a report highlighting how many people clicked to view your content per day, but we’ve realized that success is not a single number.

Our reports displayed the reach of the content we were posting on your behalf, but it left out important parts of the story.


That’s why today we are launching the Social Report 🙌

Our new social reports give you a comprehensive view of the work PropertySimple is doing behind the scenes. They provide a more accurate picture of the real results you are getting on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, beyond content clicks.

Social reports include an estimated number of times people have seen your content in their newsfeeds or on a friend’s timeline, plus any views you’ve received from home buyers browsing our site.

We’ve also upgraded our integration with Facebook to start tracking all the engagement your content is generating on social media. Now you can see an overview of all your likes, clicks, hearts, comments, and shares, all in one place.

The first step to gaining access to our social reports? Sign up for a PropertySimple account today.


What does this mean? A clearer picture of how your social media marketing is performing.

Starting today PropertySimple will report:

  • How many people saw your content
  • How many people engaged with your content
  • Which types of content were the most popular
  • How many hours of marketing work PropertySimple saved you
  • How many times you posted this month
  • What kind of content went out and where

Today we’re launching our new reports with two views: a running 30-day analysis available inside your account and updates delivered via e-mail every Monday.

Below is a real 30-day running report from a client who agreed to share. Let’s take a closer look and see how they work.

How PropertySimple measures the social media views of your content

The first section of your Reports tab displays the number of times your content has been viewed on social media. The graph tracks daily views and you’re also supplied with an estimated total monthly views to the right of the graph.

How PropertySimple measures the social media engagement of your content

Next, you’ll find data on your social media interactions and engagements. Social reports now track reactions to all content posted through PropertySimple including your articles, collections, listings, and pro profile.

These numbers help you measure how many people have taken action to respond to your content and have shown interest in your business.

Pro Tip: Be sure to log in to your social media accounts and respond to all interactions to start building and nurturing relationships.

Start generating leads with PropertySimple today


Your Account Activity

How you can see what types of content PropertySimple posts for agents

The third and final section, “Account Activity,” gives you insight on how many hours of marketing work you’ve saved by using PropertySimple. This number is based on the time it would take to run your social media marketing including creation, scheduling, and posting of your content.

In this section, you can also view a detailed breakdown of the types of content being posted and which channels we’re posting it to.

A quick scan of your social report will give you all of the info needed to fully understand your social media marketing success using PropertySimple.


Your weekly email updates.

Your weekly email report is a condensed version of your 30-day analysis, delivered directly to your inbox at the beginning of each week. These weekly email updates make it easy to keep tabs on your PropertySimple marketing.

Example of your weekly PropertySimple content posting report


So, what’s next for reporting?

You tell us! What would you like to see in the next version of reporting?

Let us know in the comments. 👌

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