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How one Real Estate Agent Went from Zero to 30 Million in Sales

In 2018, Edward Hutchinson was a new real estate agent on a mission to make it in the world's most competitive real estate market, Los Angeles.

Since then, he's amassed a powerful social network (including over 315K Instagram followers) and was able to reach 30 Million in sales in just one year. 

How did he do it?

Three years ago we teamed up with Ed to help him break through the crowded industry and rise to the top in the LA market.

We had a hunch that with a combination of powerful personal branding, hyper-targeted Facebook ads, and a solid social media strategy, Ed could reach his goals of 30 million in sales by 2018.

As a company that builds powerful branding and marketing tools for real estate agents, we decided what would be a better way to test our new platform than picking one promising real estate and putting him and us to the ultimate test.

Our mission: Measure how fast we can establish his personal brand in LA by performing the ultimate personal banding experiment.

Ed’s mission: Sell $30 million in real estate by the end of 2017.

Why did we pick Ed?

We wanted to showcase someone who is new to a certain housing market to show just how powerful personal branding can be, even when starting from scratch. While Ed has experience in the London real estate market, he recently moved to LA with his wife and dog George, to try and make it in LA.

We also wanted to showcase a realtor who understands the importance of personal branding and social media to grow his real estate business. Lucky for us, Ed’s was just the guy!

With the help of our (wonderful) in-house videographer, we stitched together different videos and social media posts that Ed created, which showcased his life as a realtor AND his life outside of real estate. Then we threw in some upbeat and inspirational music on top and VOILA! The first-ever “Future of Real Estate” series at your fingertips.

During the series, Ed showcased these three topics:

LA Mansion Tours: There's no question about it- on social media, people love looking at expensive homes. Ed takes advantage of this and uses it to help grow his social media channels during the series. Every Tuesday, Ed tours some of LA's hottest properties and shares the videos on all of his social media channels. By staying consistent, he makes it easy for his audience to tune in to the tours. By giving these weekly tours he also brands himself as a luxury agent builds trust with his audience.


Real Estate Technology: Ed makes sure to always incorporate the latest and greatest tech in his business. By doing this, he's able to create high-quality content while also showing sellers that they'll be getting the best when it comes to marketing their listings.

Ed’s reality outside our real estate (i.e. surfing and his cute dog George): The best way to build trust with your network is by sharing who you are as a person. What are your hobbies? Who are the most important people in your life? What makes you tick? When it comes down to it, people want to work with real people. One of the most powerful features of social media is the ability to give a peek into your personal life. In the Future of Real Estate series, Ed gives a real look into his everyday life, whether that be going on a run with his wife, visiting his family in London, or his daily surf session.

The Series Relaunch

2020 is the year of video, so we decided what better time to relaunch our first-ever realtor reality TV show. We'll be releasing one new episode per week that showcases Ed's journey to grow his network and hit his sales target. You'll be able to see firsthand how Ed created a powerful brand for himself by combining consistency, videos, tech, and personal content on social media.

We'll also be advertising each episode all over social media to the LA consumer market, helping Ed grow his personal brand even further. After measuring the performance of each ad, we'll be spilling the detailed results with YOU, including targeting, video views, clicks, and more.

Tune in each week to learn:

  • How to use Instagram, Facebook, and video content to grow your network and reach your sales goals.
  • Key strategies for establishing a powerful personal brand
  • Best practices for Facebook video ads based on our results

Stay tuned for Episode 1, airing March 3rd!


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