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6 FREE Open House Sign-In Sheets [PDF] | Printable Templates

You’ve selected the date and time. You’ve made flyers. Promoted all over social media. You’ve run an ad and followed up with all prospective attendees. Stocked up on the best snacks around.

Now it’s time to make sure your open house delivers in terms of LEADS.

To make sure that you walk away from your open house on Saturday afternoon with a hefty list of names, emails, phone numbers, and ideally some extra information about your prospects, we’ve put together three essential sign-in sheet templates for realtors.

Pro tip: a good realtor is ALWAYS prepared. Keep a stack of these sheets in your car (and saved on your laptop/iPad) so that you’re all set even on your most hectic days.

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Open House Sign-In Sheet Templates

1. Basic Open House Sign In Sheet PDF

This is a great template to use if you’re in a rush and just want to cut the clutter. It’s basic, has fields for all the information you need, and is the perfect sign-in sheet for any situation. Forgot to print a copy? Get our Google sheets version so your attendees can sign in on your laptop. 

2. Basic Open House Sign In Sheet with Branding

Want to take your marketing even further? Add your personal branding (photo, name, email, phone number) to your sign-in sheet to make sure that your attendees know who you are. Just make a copy and edit the photo/info in our Google Sheet to customize your sign-in. 

Don't have the time to make any edits? We’ve also created a PDF version with a space to attach your business card for those days when you’re really in a rush. 

3. Sign Sheet with Qualifying Information

Personalize your follow up and spark conversations with your leads by using our sign-in sheet that asks guests to identify their real estate needs. You’ll also have the option to customize this sheet with your branding and contact information.

Put Your Sign-In Sheet to Work

Unfortunately, just printing out a sign-in sheet will not guarantee that your guests will actually fill it out. Follow these tips to ensure that you maximize the number of names on your list:

Make your sign-in sheet the center of attention by choosing the right location.

Next to the snacks: No matter the occasion, people always seem to congregate where the food is. Take advantage of this phenomenon by placing your sign-in sheet in the place where your attendees are guaranteed to end up: the snack table (some of our favorites are freshly-baked cookies). 

Pro-Tip: Instead of baking the cookies yourself, show off your neighborhood knowledge by featuring goodies from your favorite local bakery. Take it a step further by throwing in a gift card. When your guests remark how amazing the treats are, remind them that they can win a gift card to that very bakery by filling out the sign-in sheet. Trust us. It’s hard to find something that motivates a crowd more than the potential to win free food.

people running toward free food

Where the water is: while everyone loves food, the FIRST place your guests will flock to on a hot day is the water station. Especially if you live in an area with hot weather, stocking up on water or other beverages is a necessity. Make sure your sign-in sheet is strategically placed next to the drinks.

By the entrance: it may seem obvious, but no one will see your sign-in sheet if it’s not the first thing they notice when they walk in.

Make sure that it's easy to see: place an attention-grabbing sign over your sign-in station that’s impossible to miss.

Pro Tip: Include signage with your social media handles and a reason to follow you. For example, “Follow me on Instagram for local updates and the best eats in downtown Madison, WI!” 

Fill in 2-3 Example Names

People are often intimidated to fill out a blank sheet of paper. Get the sheet started by filling in 2-3 example names. This will increase the number of people who fill in your sign sheet and ensure that they are providing the correct information.

Personally Ask Them to Fill Out the Sign-In Sheet

Sometimes all you have to do is ask. When you greet them at the door, remind them to fill in the sign-in sheet. Keep the conversation going as you show them to the table.

Go Social!

While your sign-in sheet is great to collect and save a physical copy of your leads, the best way to develop and maintain relationships is still on social media. 

One of the most effective ways to reach your followers is with video. Before or during your open house post a live tour on your Instagram stories of the home, encouraging your followers to come check it out! Whenever you share a live video, your followers will receive a notification - which may be just the reminder they need!

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You can also use your open house as an opportunity to grow your network by encouraging visitors to post an Instagram story with your handle or hashtag, or to check-in on Facebook. Add some extra motivation by entering everyone who posts into a raffle or giveaway.

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After your open house, go through and connect with everyone who participated on social media. Follow up to see what they thought of the open house, and offer additional resources or properties that they might be interested in. Check and see if any of their friends commented, and follow up with them on social media if they seem interested in buying/selling.

Nurture and Convert your Leads with a Solid Follow-Up Strategy

After your open house, first and foremost you’ll need to make sure that you've provided all attendees with all the information that they need. But your job doesn’t stop after that first email or phone call

Not all of your leads will be ready to buy or sell. Nurture them by providing value - this could be by sending a market update, available properties that they may be interested in, or helpful blog articles related to their interests. Sending valuable information even 2-3 months after the open house will ensure that attendees understand that you are their local real estate expert that they can turn to. 

If your leads provided additional information about their real estate needs, make sure to send specific follow-up emails related to their interests.

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Open houses are a powerful tool in any realtor’s arsenal. They give you the opportunity to meet new people, start relationships with potential listers, and find qualified buyers for your listing. With these open house sign-in sheets and a well-planned follow-up process, you'll be fully prepared to host an open house that delivers maximum results for you and your client.

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