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PropertySimple ZIP Codes are Here!

product updates Nov 12, 2019

As a top-performing real estate agent, your biggest challenge is getting ahead of the competition, and getting in front of potential clients.

That's why we're introducing our most exclusive product for real estate agents: PropertySimple ZIPs.

Market every single property in a ZIP Code, claim your place as the area's expert agent, block your competition, and generate quality leads, all with PropertySimple ZIPs.

Let's take a look at how it works 👇

Get exclusive exposure with PropertySimple ZIPs

PropertySimple ZIPs are designed to drastically increase visibility for agents. 

When you claim a ZIP, we feature you on every single property in the ZIP Code. That means that potential clients will see your photo, name, and branding as the Area Expert above the listing agent on hundreds of properties on our national property portal.

Whenever a lead inquires about a property in your ZIP Code, we'll notify you with an email and text message, so that you can start your follow-up process immediately.

When you claim a ZIP, it's 100% yours. No more competing with other agents for visibility.

Generate Quality Leads from Properties in your ZIP Code

With PropertySimple ZIPs, our mission was to create a lead generation machine for real estate agents. We select the hottest new properties that come on the market in your ZIP Code, and advertise them for you to targeted audiences on Facebook and Instagram, as well as on our nation-wide property portal.

Every lead that comes from that ZIP Code goes straight to you. 🤯

The best part? We do all the lead generation for you. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and watch your leads roll in.

You'll be able to easily access all of your leads in your ZIP Code Manager and your "Leads" tab.

examples of how leads from a real estate agent's ZIP Code show in the leads tab

Build Credibility with Exclusive Branding as the Area Expert

There are over 2 million real estate agents in the US. What sets you apart? With PropertySimple ZIPs branding, we make you the obvious choice, so that when a potential buyer or seller wants to get in contact, you are the agent they reach out to.

On every property where your photo and contact info appears, you'll stand apart with an Area Expert badge, making you the obvious choice.

example of how a real estate agent's photo looks on any listing in their ZIP Code

Whenever a visitor clicks on your photo to learn more about you, they'll be directed to your ZIP Codes profile page.

Your profile is where the extra visibility really kicks in.

In addition to all the features of PropertySimple Profiles, ZIP Code agents have special branding as the area expert.

example of an Area Expert badge at the top of an agent's PropertySimple Profile

We feature your listings, Collections, and bio to show off your expertise. However, one of the most powerful aspects of your profile is that it also showcases the most recent properties in your ZIP Code, with a call to action to contact you for more information.

As with all properties in your ZIP Code, when visitors click to view these properties, they'll see your photo and contact information front and center.

Throughout your profile, we've strategically placed lead capture forms designed to turn visitors into leads.

Get Performance Insights on your ZIP Code

To help you monitor the performance of your ZIP Code, we've created a special section inside our app where you can get a complete picture of your results.

Here you can easily see your leads, top-performing properties, and recently-added homes.

At the top of your ZIP Codes manager, you'll find a summary of the main statistics for your ZIP Code, including the number of properties for sale, properties for rent, new listings this month, and the sale price range.

Directly below, we'll keep you updated with your most recent leads. To view all of your leads, just click "See all Leads", or on the "Leads" tab on the left-hand side of your screen.

Example of how the summary of ZIP Code Statistics and leads appear in the ZIP Codes manager

Below, you can check up on the top-performing properties in your ZIP Code, and see how many views, clicks, and leads they have generated.

example of how the newest properties in a ZIP Code appear in an agent's ZIP Code manager

Finally, we'll keep you up-to-date with the newest properties that have been added to your ZIP Code.

Check out all of the properties in your ZIP Code on our property portal by clicking the "See all Properties" button at the bottom of your screen.


Automated Marketing and Lead Generation Software Included

As a ZIP Code owner, you'll also get access to the rest of our paid marketing software for free. We take care of your social media marketing by creating awesome content for you, and posting it automatically to your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn at the right frequencies. You'll also be able to run customized video ads on all of your listings and open houses.

PropertySimple ZIPs is the ultimate product for top producing agents or teams who want to skyrocket their exposure, cut out the competition, and generate steady, quality leads. Lock down a ZIP Code now to hold it for the long term.


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