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The Most Powerful Piece of Content to Hit Your Feed yet: Articles

Uncategorized Sep 15, 2018

As people become more and more skeptical of promotion, how can you market your business, without being "salesy?"

The hard truth- traditional marketing and advertising are becoming less effective by the day. What used to work- ie. sending postcards, splurging for billboards and plastering your face on the neighborhood park bench- doesn’t get a second glance today.

Why? Well, for starters, because everyone’s walking around these days looking down at their phones.

Running into a window looking at your phone

The good news- there’s a more affordable and effective alternative to these outdated marketing methods.


Content marketing is king.

The key to marketing in 2018 is reaching your potential clients where they already are, social media. If you want to get the word out about your business today, the best way to do it is by sharing relevant and useful information with your network, using a method called content marketing.

If you haven’t heard of content marketing before, it’s a technique that gets your business in front of potential clients without directly selling. Instead, it focuses on providing value to your audience through authentic, fun and informational content.

That’s why at PropertySimple we’re always working to create the ideal content mix for real estate to help you break through all the noise and attract attention to your brand.

So far you’ve had access to a dynamic mix of videosCollections, listings, and a pro portfolio, AND today, we’re excited to announce the most powerful piece of content to hit your feed yet.


Enter Articles.

Your PropertySimple Pro Plan now comes with access to hundreds of handwritten real estate related articles. And the best part? They’re 100% branded to you, featuring your name and contact information, so it looks as though you wrote them.

Article: 5 Tips for Creating a Mindful Home


Articles stimulate interest in your business, without explicit promotion.

Articles position you as the expert agent in your area. The information within each article is both relevant and valuable to your audience. They touch on all types of topics from simplifying complicated real estate terms to offering home improvement tips and tricks. Potential clients are more likely to work with you (and choose you over another agent) if it looks like you know what you’re talking about.

Articles help form connections within your network. By sharing authentic, rather than “salesy,” content on social media, you’ll come across as more personable and approachable.  Articles are engaging content that help you start conversations and build relationships.

Articles build trust for your business. As your friends, family and other followers read your articles, they’ll start to associate your brand with the value they bring. It’s a win-win- you’re helping your audience by providing useful information to answer their questions, while also establishing credibility for your business.

Get access to hundreds of real estate related articles


So, what do these articles look like?

As we mentioned above all articles are 100% branded to you. They feature your name, photo, and contact information both at the beginning and end of the article.

Agent information displayed on an article

They also contain a link to your pro portfolio, where readers can find more of your articles, your Collections, agent bio, active listings and a native contact form to message you directly.

Each article ends with a strategic CTA, or call to action. These calls to action give your readers an instruction to encourage a specific response. The majority of articles will urge readers to get in contact with you.

Example caption for a real estate article

They are short, fun, and easy to read. To assure high-quality, they were written by our expert in-house content team, with your audience in mind, to answer their questions and keep their attention.

Example of a real estate article post


It’s all about variety.

All of our articles were written to be as evergreen as possible, meaning they were written from an unbiased perspective and designed to provide long-term value. And because we know no two agents are the same, we’ve produced a variety of articles from different topics.

Real estate article topics

You can currently choose to share articles from topics that fall under 4 categories :

Real Estate Made Simple

Think of these articles like a comprehensive real estate glossary that breaks down complicated real estate words, terms, and acronyms into easy to digest morsels.

Real Estate Advice

These articles dig a little deeper into the complex world of real estate, sharing insider information and expert advice with buyers and sellers.

Home Improvement Tips

These clever tips and tricks will help your followers organize, clean and improve their living situation. Example articles include: “10 Lemon Cleaning Hacks for your Home” and “4 Easy Porch DIYs you can do Today.”

Home & Living

Home and living articles were designed to relate to a wider audience and simply entertain. They consist of fun topics like “Interior Design Through the Decades” and “20 Feel Good Home Quotes,” allowing you to build relationships within your network even with those who are not currently in the market to buy or sell a home.

Article example: 20 Feel-Good Home Quotes

You can control the types of content, including the categories of articles that you’d like us to post for you in your “My Content” tab. Simply check or uncheck a category to add it to or remove it from your content mix.

Check and uncheck real estate article topics

Click here to see how PropertySimple articles compare to competitors.


Articles are just the start.

When it comes to your social media content mix we're always brainstorming new and creative ideas.

Be sure to check back for news, tips, product updates and more!

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