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Nurture and Convert Your Leads with PropertySimple Playbooks

product updates Jul 15, 2022

Did you know that on average, it takes 8 touchpoints to convert a lead?

When you’ve got 500+ leads in your database and are already stretched thin between showings, client calls, and admin work, following up at least 8 times with every single lead can be daunting.

That’s why we’re excited to announce Follow-Up Playbooks, an easy way for you to nurture and convert your leads with follow-up drip campaigns.

How do Playbooks Work?

In your PropertySimple CRM, there is a tab called “Playbooks library”. This is where you can see the Playbook that we’ve created for you and create your own custom Playbooks.

Let’s start by taking a look at the “New Lead Playbook” that is already complete and ready to use! We’ve taken inspiration from top-performing real estate drips from agents and coaches to create a sequence of 8 emails and text messages that will nurture and engage your leads.

playbooks library in an agent's account

Click on the “New Lead Playbook” to see the texts and emails included. Remember, on average, it takes 8 touchpoints to convert a lead, which is why you’ll see that we’ve included 8 steps in this playbook.PropertySimple's new lead playbook Just like all of your other follow up, you’ll be able to track every single email and text message that is sent to your leads that are enrolled in Playbooks in the lead detail. Just click on your lead and head over to the Playbooks tab.

Editing & Creating New Playbooks

While we’re pretty impressed with the results we’ve seen so far from the “New Lead Playbook”, we get that some agents like a more hands-on approach. 

There are two options if you’re looking to get creative and make your own Playbooks: (a) use the “New Lead Playbook as a template, or (b) create a new Playbook from scratch.

Use the New Lead Playbook as a Template

Using the New Lead Playbook as a template allows you to customize your Playbook without completely starting from scratch. Just duplicate the playbook and edit away! You can add steps, delete steps, edit the text, and change the delays between messages to make this Playbook work for your individual needs.

how to edit a playbook

Create a New Playbook from Scratch

If you are feeling creative and want to start fresh, you can create a new lead playbook from scratch. Just click the blue button that says “Create New Playbook” and start creating your custom drip campaign!

how to create a new playbook from scratch

Get Started with PropertySimple to Add Playbooks to Your Follow-Up Arsenal!

Playbooks make converting your leads easier than ever before.

Paired with PropertySimple's marketing and lead generation tools, you can now build awareness, generate leads, follow up with your database, and close deals all with one simple platform.

Ready to give Playbooks a try? Chat with a rep to get started!

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