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🚨 New Feature Announcement: TikTok Autoposting 🚨

If you don’t know already, TikTok is becoming a pretty big deal in the real estate community 😉 We’ve integrated TikTok to our platform so now you can join in on all the fun and save time!

 I’m not convinced. Why should I be on TikTok?

TikTok is one of the fastest growing social media platforms. It has amassed over 130 million active users in the US only. 60% of users are over 20 years old while the average homebuyer is 33 years old. This means there’s a huge chance you might find potential clients on this platform. TikTok is the perfect medium to generate sales and raise awareness.

Aside from its enormous user base, TikTok’s focus on video content makes it perfect for building hype and advertising your business. Home tours, open house listings, and real estate tips are just some of the ways realtors can take advantage of this platform. As a bonus, your follower count doesn’t necessarily affect the engagement rate of your posts - so even small accounts can make a big difference!

No matter your background, you are bound to find your niche audience! 

Awesome! What is this new feature?

TikTok Autoposting allows you to post any videos created on your PropertySimple account to your TikTok!

These videos include:

  • Your personalized video business card
  • Ads for listings you’ve created
  • Any content from your video library

Don’t worry, you can edit the captions to your liking before posting!

How do I connect my TikTok to my PropertySimple Account?

It’s super easy!

1. On the Content Tab, click “Connect TikTok”.

2. Click “Authorize”.

3. This message should appear. 

4. Now, every time a post is ready to be sent you will receive this notification.

5. You’ll get to make any edits to the video and caption before posting!

And that’s it! Happy posting! 

Don’t have a PropertySimple account yet? 

Not a problem! Create your account here to get 7 days for free. After that it’s $19.99/mo - skip months you don’t need or cancel anytime you want! 


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