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Introducing: Lead Verification and Automated Texting

We’ve got something BIG in the works, and we’re excited to finally release the first feature of our updated PropertySimple CRM!

In order to make sure that your follow-up process is seamless, we’ve added tons of functionality to your CRM, including lead generation, automated texting, the ability to text your leads from right within your CRM, and lead rating.

Our goal is to help you increase conversions by making sure that every single lead receives an immediate text message on your behalf. We also want to save you time in the follow-up process by making it as easy as possible by identify high-intent leads for you.

Let’s take a look at how it works 👇

Never Miss an Opportunity with Automated Texting

Did you know that if you follow up with your lead within 5 minutes, you are 100 times more likely to get a response? That’s why every time you get a new lead, we’ll immediately text them on your behalf, saving you time and making sure that you establish contact with your lead as soon as they express interest. 

In your CRM, you’ll be able to see the text message that we sent to your lead on your behalf, its delivery status, and when it was sent.

Phone Number Verification

We know that as a real estate agent, you’re short on time. Now, within your CRM we’ll automatically verify your leads’ phone numbers, so you can determine the next step for your follow-up. When you click on a lead, you’ll see one of three messages:

  1. This number can receive texts (in green): our system verified that this is a valid cell phone number
  2. Likely a home or office number (in yellow): this means that our system couldn’t deliver a text message to this number. It’s possible that there was no service when the message was sent, or it’s a home or office phone. To follow up, try calling your lead instead of texting.
  3. Bounced (in red): this means that our system detected that it is likely a wrong number. Your best shot for follow-up will be via the email address that your lead provided.

Continue the Conversation Right From your CRM

If your lead provided a verified cell phone number, you can now text back right within your CRM, and easily keep track of your conversation and interactions with your lead. 

To send a text message, just go to your “Leads” tab, click on the lead you wish to text, and click “New Text” in the top right-hand corner of your screen. Type your text message into the box, and hit “Send”.

In your CRM, you’ll be able to see the status of your text message: sending, delivered, or failed to send. Want to look back at your conversation? You can see all of your text messages to your lead that you’ve sent and received simply by clicking on your lead.

Pro Tip: use our texting scripts to follow up with your leads in your CRM!

The “Hot” Badge

When you’ve got a lot of leads, it’s important to know which ones you should follow up with first. You’ll now be able to easily see which leads are the highest intent so you can reach out immediately. Inside your “Leads” tab, look for leads labeled with a pink icon that says “Hot”. These are the leads that our system has automatically identified as high-intent.

Add Notes to Your Lead

As a real estate agent, you interact with hundreds of potential clients. To help you keep track of your conversations, we’ve added note taking functionality to your CRM. You can now add unlimited notes to your leads and save them with the date that you wrote the note. 

To write a note, simply select the lead you’d like to add a note for, and then click “New Note” in the top right-hand corner of your screen.

Easily Organize Your Tasks, Notes, and Conversations

While adding functionality to your CRM, we knew that we wanted to make it as simple to use as possible. We’ve implemented a new design so that you can easily keep track of your pending tasks. When you click on a lead, you can choose to “View all”, your “Tasks”, “Texts”, “Notes”, and “Interactions”.

When you have pending tasks or new text messages, you’ll see a pink circle next to that tab with the number of pending tasks, alerting you to follow-up.

Ready to Get Started?

Following up with and converting your leads has never been this easy. Just log into your account to check out your new and improved CRM!

Not a PropertySimple user? Book a demo to see how you can market your real estate business and generate leads today.


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