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New! Add Lead Statuses in your PropertySimple CRM

Let’s face it, following up with your leads is essential to closing deals. Our goal is to make this as easy as possible for you. 

That’s why we’ve been working on a massive overhaul of our PropertySimple CRM. Last week we released lead verification and automated texting features, as well as the ability to text any of your leads right from your CRM. 

This week, we’ve added 9 lead statuses so that you can segment your leads, prioritize your outreach, and close more opportunities in your PropertySimple CRM. Because when it comes down to it, better organization = better follow up = more deals.

Apply Lead Statuses in Your CRM

For all of your leads, you can now apply one of 9 lead statuses. This will help you identify which leads you need to work on, and which actions you should take based on which stage they are at in your pipeline.

Attempting to reach: Leads that you’ve reached out to via phone, text, or email, but have not yet responded. We will apply this status automatically to all of your new leads that have not responded to your text message.

Engaged: We’ll apply this status automatically to leads who have responded to one of your messages.

Appointment booked: An important first step! When you’ve booked the first meeting with your lead, mark them with this status.

Won: Apply this status to leads that you have closed a deal with. Click the dropdown arrow under the “Lead Status” header to apply this status manually to any of your leads. 

Lost: You might mark your leads as “lost” for a variety of reasons. For example, if you’ve determined that the lead is not qualified, or if they’ve decided that they no longer wish to move. Keep in mind that you should still nurture these leads, as you never know when their situation will change! 

Needs contact info: Apply this status to leads that you would like to add additional contact information to. 

Opted out: Leads that requested that you no longer contact them. We’ll apply this status automatically to any leads that have requested to opt-out from your text messages. 

Archived: Not interested in working a lead? Archive it.  Archived leads will only appear in your CRM if you select the filter to view your archived leads.

We’ll set all of your leads statuses to “Attempting to Reach” when they first come in, and then automatically change their status to “engaged” when the lead responds to any of your text messages. If the lead responds with an opt-out, we will set the status to “Opted Out”. You can change these statuses manually at any time by clicking the drop-down arrow and selecting the status you wish to apply to your lead. 

These statuses allow you to keep track of what stage your leads are at as they move through your pipeline, and make sure that none of your leads slip through the cracks.

Mark Your Leads as “Hot”

We already automatically identify your high-intent leads for you, but you can also manually mark or unmark all of your high-intent leads with the “Hot” label. Simply click the “Mark as Hot” label under your lead’s name to mark them as “Hot”, or click the “x” to remove the label. This makes it easy to quickly identify and find your best opportunities.

Filter Your Leads By Status

From your CRM tab, you can easily filter your leads by source, lead status, and attributes.

In the “Source” column, you can check the appropriate boxes to see leads that have come from any combination of sources, including your ZIP Code, Landing Pages, Ads, and Social Media

Remember those lead statuses you applied? Well, this is where they come in handy. In the “Lead Status” column, just check the boxes with the lead statuses that you’d like to see. 

Pro tip: if you want to see all leads that responded to a text, and that you probably haven't talked to yet, set these filters:

To really drill down on valuable leads, use the “hot” or “verified phone” filters. Note that if you select “Hot,”, and “Verified phone”, you’ll only see leads that have both of those attributes applied.

By organizing your leads with statuses, you’ll be able to easily sort and follow-up with your leads, making sure nothing falls through the cracks. Ready to get started? Just log into your account and click on your “CRM” tab to get started!

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