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How Jeff Closed an Extra 6 Deals in 4 Months with PropertySimple ZIP Codes

Jeff Fisher, a luxury real estate agent in Scottsdale, Arizona, had a lot going for him. He had an awesome personal brand, a great network in his area, and was skilled at building meaningful relationships with clients. However, when it came to reaching outside his sphere of influence, he felt stuck. 

Jeff had tried it all. Door knocking, postcards, and nearly every lead generation service out there. But he wasn't able to get in front of enough people or generate the quality leads that he needed to really skyrocket his business and establish himself as the number one agent.

Fast forward four months and Jeff averages 38 leads per month, over 150,000 views of his brand per month, and has closed 6 extra deals. In this post, we'll dig into the details of how Jeff skyrocketed his business to close more deals and add hundreds of quality leads to his funnel.

Jeff's Goal

Jeff's goal was to solidify his place as the top agent in his area and reach new customers outside of his sphere of influence.

He was ready to take the next step to expand his reach, build his brand, and generate a steady flow of quality leads to fill up his funnel. He knew that he was an awesome agent, but he also knew that no one could do business with him if they didn’t know his name.

Jeff's Solution: PropertySimple ZIP Codes

That's when Jeff turned to PropertySimple’s top tier ZIP Code product. It was the ultimate package of marketing and lead generation software that Jeff needed to increase his exposure, fill his funnel, and solidify his spot as the top agent in his area. 

His name and contact information were featured on every property in his ZIP Code on PropertySimple’s nation-wide property portal, allowing him to get in front of hundreds of thousands of home buyers and sellers outside his network.   

Jeff was also able to expand his network with PropertySimple social media marketing tools. All of his posts were taken care of for him, with high-quality content that positioned Jeff as the expert agent in his area.

At the same time, PropertySimple’s lead generation tools were filling up Jeff's funnel with a steady flow of quality leads, saving him countless hours of prospecting time, and helping him expand his reach to new potential clients.

Jeff's Results

Jeff’s PropertySimple ZIP Code has been one of his most successful marketing and lead generation tools, garnering him quality leads and putting him in front of more buyers and sellers than he had ever been able to reach.

In his first month, Jeff reached 150,000 views on his content posted by PropertySimple, including his listings, and listings in his ZIP Code. He received 1,795 clicks on properties in his ZIP Code and 38 leads. He also saved over 50 hours of marketing work. 

Since starting with PropertySimple ZIP Codes, he's closed 6 deals from his ZIP Code, and grown his database significantly.

“My PropertySimple ZIP Code helps me get my name in front of hundreds of thousands of people. That exposure combined with the steady flow of quality leads to fill up my funnel makes it the ultimate marketing and lead generation tool. Now I'm able to spend more time growing my business, cultivating client relationships, and closing more deals." - Jeff Fisher

With higher-quality leads, more closings, and a better database, Jeff's goal of expanding his business and becoming his area's go-to agent has never been easier. 

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