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Instagram Reel Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Instagram Reels - Basically the trendiest feature from Instagram to date! Reels allow users to create short video clips (up to 30 seconds long) and are popular for their power to instantly increase any account’s engagement and reach. Many influencers and professionals have turned to Reels as a way to market their business and create a larger online community.

So what does this mean for the real estate game? Just because you’re not a Gen Z influencer doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of social media and the power it has to offer your business. Reels are an awesome way to post video content on your account and build your client following. They also allow you to highlight different aspects of your business and show off a more creative side to who you are and what you do as an agent.

We know coming up with original content can be tricky so that's why we’ve put together some ideas specifically for real estate agents for their future Reels! Here are some of our top content ideas that are guaranteed to be a hit on your account:

Real Estate Agents

  • A Day in the Life - showcase your daily work routine and give clients the behind-the-scenes as to what your day to day schedule looks like. We know you’re busy and always on the go! Take us with you for an exclusive look into the life of an agent! What makes you so successful?
  • Personal Content - Everyone appreciates knowing the genuine person behind the business. You don’t always have to just showcase your real estate side. Show what you do for fun. What does a real estate agent do after hours? Sharing all different sides of you builds credibility and allows people to connect and want to get to know you and therefore your business.
  • Real Estate Humor -  Both agents and buyers alike love a little humor. Reels can be an easy way to show off different viral trends you’ve found funny or ridiculous things in the housing market you want to show. The Instagram vs. Reality of real estate is always a winner!

 Real Estate Marketing

  • Open House Tour - Do a mini tour of your favorite available properties. Show off the best features these homes have to offer and really grab potential buyers’ attention. Reels are a great way to show off a collection of homes quickly and grab the interest of potential clients.
  • New Listing Trailer - If you have a new property about to come on the market, Reels is  the perfect place to showcase it. Generate buzz about your property before it’s listed officially online. Don’t forget to highlight the best features that make the home special! 
  • Housing Market Highlights - What are the 3 most important things buyers and sellers need to know in today’s market? Certify yourself as a reliable and knowledgeable agent by sharing advice with potential clients and supporting your other agents with what you know. Knowledge is power and sharing is a win-win for everyone!

Home Decorating & Lifestyle Tips

  • Neighborhood Highlights - If you’re an area expert in a specific neighborhood (maybe you even dominate a ZIP Code), show off your knowledge and highlight the best your area has to offer! You can focus on everything from schools to cafes to restaurants to parks! The options are limitless.
  • Home Staging Tips - what are the do’s and don’ts of staging a home? Give your top tips and recommendations to current and prospective sellers.
  • Organizing Tips - Everyone loves a good organization video! There’s just something so therapeutic about them. What makes a well organized home? Give home buyers the inside scoop on how to keep their home in tip-top shape.

Feeling inspired? Now that we’ve given you some in-depth ideas, it’s your turn to get started and create. Remember, you can always save your Reels in drafts and edit later. Nothing is set in stone! We can’t wait to see what you come up with. Don’t forget to check out PropertySimple on Instagram for other real estate Reel inspiration and feel free to tag and share with us anything you create!


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