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Work Smarter, Not Harder: How Top Real Estate Agents are Generating Leads

Arizona real estate agent, Maralea Norden, was entering her 5th year as a licensee. Over five years she had built up a solid business and earned a reputation as being a skilled negotiator and providing excellent service for her clients. However, there was one thing she was missing: a reliable source of fresh leads.

She described her current business as a tidal wave, and then drought. She needed a steady flow of leads to ensure that her pipeline was consistently filled with potential clients that she could nurture and convert.

Maralea's Challenge

Having worked in marketing and sales prior to becoming a real estate agent, she knew that in order to keep her pipeline full, she would need to reach a targeted audience. She also knew that the most effective way to do this was by using social media, AI, and technology. She just had one problem: she didn’t have the time or knowledge to use these tools effectively.

“I can use Facebook messenger, and that’s about it. I don’t have the time or desire to hang out on social media for four hours going through any of it, quite frankly,” she said. “I really need someone else to take it and manage it for me, so I don’t have to think about it. So I can concentrate on showing homes, writing contracts, and negotiating deals, and closing.”

Maralea was looking for someone to take care of her social media marketing for her and deliver a steady stream of real leads to add to her pipeline.

Maralea’s Solution: PropertySimple Ads

That’s why Maralea turned to PropertySimple ads. After running just one ad campaign for her listing, she received 12 leads with real emails and phone numbers that she added to her pipeline. 

Maralea had tried a similar service with another company, with a nearly identical ad for the same timeframe. However, while she received great reports that showed fantastic clickthrough rates, it didn’t generate a single lead and was double the cost. 

“My PropertySimple ad ACTUALLY GENERATES LEADS. This is my first go-round with PropertySimple and the ROI is already there. In just about 14 days I've got my first buyer and so much traffic on my listing. I truly and highly recommend PropertySimple for your social media marketing - the best money I've spent to date.”

Maralea was able to fill up her pipeline with leads, while also increasing her productivity so that she actually had time to follow up with every single lead. 

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