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How to Write a Killer Real Estate Blog

Having an online presence in today's real estate market is EVERYTHING! If you haven’t taken your business online, the chances of you reaching your potential as an agent is significantly less. We want you to reach your potential and be the star agent you are capable of becoming. 

There are several easy ways you can get yourself online and boost your company’s online presence. Social media is the first that usually comes to mind (see our tips on how to grow your social media presence here). However, there are other ways to grow your credibility and show your skills off in the real estate market - BLOGS!

Blogs are one of the best ways for agents to build their brand and engage with a large audience. Especially today with all of the free online sources out there (Wix, Squarespace Wordpress), it’s easier than ever to start one! However, we know it can be a little overwhelming to get started and create something that is both informative and eye catching to readers. That’s why we're here to help. We’ve put together a list of our top 4 tips to ensure that your real estate blog will be successful and captivate fellow agents and prospective clients automatically! Let’s check them out - 

1. Know and Choose your Audience Wisely 

Who are the people you are looking to attract through your blog? Do you want to attract prospective clients, fellow real estate agents, area influencers? Whoever they might be, know them well and what their needs are and write to what appeals to them. Knowing your audience will help you narrow down your blog topics. Research what your audience is most interested in (first time buyers, home staging, luxury real estate insights, etc.) and use that to your advantage. Always write to their needs!

Tip: Keep your tone casual and conversational - make yourself easily relatable through your writing! Your writing should be along the lines of a normal conversation with a friend - you want your audience to find you friendly and easy to understand. 

2. Talk About What You Know! Focus on Your Areas of Expertise

It’s awesome to explore and research a wide variety of topics but give yourself extra work. Your blog should be a stress-free and fun extension of you! Write about what you know best! Chances are, you have a niche no one else can speak to or has talked about. If you’ve been an area expert for 15 years - write about it! Are you an expert in luxury real estate? Tell your audience about your experience and the insights to the luxury real estate world. The more passionate and comfortable you are with a topic the easier it will be to write about and will really highlight your expertise and credibility. Use your blog as a means to express what you love about your job and real estate! Your unique spin is what grabs your audience’s attention more than anything else. 

3. Use High Quality/Captivating Images

A picture’s worth a thousand words for a reason! Captivate your audience with some awesome pictures or graphics that they’ll be sure to remember. Pro Tip: It’s usually your image that is the reason why someone wants to click on or share your post! 

You can find free stock images on the internet but audiences prefer your own authentic material! Use open house photos or infographics you’ve made for your business to add a personal touch and highlight your credibility. As a general rule of thumb, avoid text heavy graphics. Go for a visual that is appealing with bright colors and highlights the subject of the blog or acts as a preview to the subject matter.

4. Be Consistent - Blog Regularly 

To clarify, blogging regularly doesn’t mean you have to post every day or even every week. Consistency means you have a reliable schedule your audience can trust and look forward to your content being published. If your posting is inconsistent or all over the place your followers will become frustrated and it’s very likely that they’ll stop reading your content. Keep them updated with a solid social media strategy. Figure out a schedule that works best for you and stick to it!

As a reminder, no one creates an amazing blog overnight. There will be lots of trial and error before you find the niche and strategy that works for you and that’s ok! However, with a little hard work and perseverance you can grow your business by using your blog as a valuable tool in your online marketing strategy. Don’t be afraid to be authentic and show off how valuable you are in the real estate industry! This is your chance to shine and make a mark in your community. So what are you waiting for? Let’s start writing!


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