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How to Stay Happy and Motivated as a Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents are people people. They are social, charismatic, and are in the game because they care about others. However, sometimes that means they sacrifice their well-being to keep their clients happy and we all know that a lack of work-life balance leads to burn-out! The keys to happiness can be different for everyone, but it is FACT that balancing work versus personal time is essential. Reminder: you won’t be happy closing deals and earning revenue if you have no time for yourself and don’t genuinely feel good both mentally and physically. 

Being happy at work has its benefits! Studies have shown that people are up to 30% more productive when happy. They even can increase their sales by up to 20%.

Happiness = higher engagement = better business. 

So how can you stay happy and motivated? Here are some of our best tips for agents:

Plan Ahead

Work smarter, not harder. Planning means figuring out ways to make less work for yourself in the future. Instead of devoting time to constant messaging and calls to leads, invest in a CRM system that automates it for you. Or hire an assistant to help you with the bulk of your daily tasks. There are plenty of ways to alleviate stress from minimal tasks if you invest in the tools that can do it all for you and at a low cost. At the end of the day - the investment you put in will double in return. This also gives you more free time to focus on yourself or prioritize work that is essential to your schedule. Remember, time is money!

Take Breaks

One of the great benefits of being a real estate agent is the flexibility in your schedule! There is a lot of pressure to feel like you have to work all the time since your days can vary from day to day - don’t feel guilty! Take time for yourself. Take a quick nap in the afternoon. Go out and walk for 20 minutes. Listen to your favorite podcast. Take a longer lunch break. You have every right to pause and reflect for a minute and not worry about work. Taking breaks is essential for your mind to process and sort out all the information you receive!

Work on Personal Goals

You have one life and one life only. Don’t make your work your everything! Is there a hobby you’ve been dying to try? A new place you’d like to visit? A book you’re interested in reading? Making time for personal goals and activities no matter how small can make all the difference. You may even learn new skills that can later help you in the real estate business. To start, choose one goal and see how you can incorporate it into your daily routine even if it’s just for 5 minutes. Your mind and body will be eternally grateful and your overall happiness will be uplifted instantly. We all need to practice some form of self-care and love!

Learn to say “NO”

Do not spread yourself thin! Taking on too many clients, opportunities or tasks leads to decreased happiness, low job performance, and overall stress. Learn to say no and prioritize the clients worth nurturing and the tasks worth completing. If a lead has been cold for months, move on to the hot lead ready to buy or sell. You can always come back to the cold one later but don’t waste time and resources on something that has no promise at the time. If you work on your quality leads, you’ll feel more comfortable passing up others. Your confidence will increase and follow-up won’t seem like such a fruitless endeavor.


It is scientifically proven that the average adult requires 7-9 hours of sleep per night. Getting a good night’s sleep leads to lower stress levels, improved moods, and overall better health. Take the time to make sure you turn off your brain at night. Limit your screen time and get those ZZZs! The extra 1 or 2 hours of sleep will be crucial in helping you get through a long day of managing your clients and following up with leads. Getting enough sleep is the easiest way to help you stay alert during the day (so you don’t end up crashing on caffeine combatting any tiredness). Try going to bed 1 hour early and note how much better you feel in the morning!

Bottom Line 

There are many simple and easy ways to increase and maintain your happiness in the real estate game. Start small and stay consistent! Remember to care for your mental health and always maintain a good work-life balance. Sooner or later it’ll all be routine and work will just be another thing that brings happiness and success to your life! Start prioritizing your happiness today! 

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