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How Real Estate Agents Can Engage their Network on Social Media

Ready to take your real estate business to the next level? Having a solid online presence with strong social media engagement is the key! Social media engagement is the most effective and easiest way to make an impact in today’s market.

However, social media engagement is more than just “looking popular.” It’s about making connections with your current and future clients. As real estate agents, you’ve already got that covered - making meaningful connections is what you do best. But connections online can be tricky. It may seem daunting but you’ve got this! Here are 4 strategies real estate agents can occupy in order to boost their network and increase their social media engagement: 

Post Consistently - Create a Strategy

What is one of the main reasons why agents see low engagement? It’s usually because people aren’t seeing their content. Every day we are bombarded with thousands of posts - lack of consistency in posting causes the social media algorithms to display your content less frequently on your followers’ pages. What's the solution? Come up with a simple, achievable post strategy. We recommend having one post per day.  

For agents who struggle to maintain a consistent presence, it's a great idea to use an automated posting tool that will create content for you and post it for you. Once you have a consistent base, you can start sprinkling in additional posts to engage your audience. It doesn’t have to be a fancy listing or professional photo- show your followers who you are as an agent! Take them behind the scenes of your day-to-day, give recommendations and tips. Being authentic to your personal brand is what attracts and keeps your followers. Stuck on how to get started? Check out our FREE social media calendar! 

Interact with Your Community

#likeforlike - honestly this strategy works! To get people interested in you, you have to show your interest in them! If someone comments on your post, respond! Follow them back or send them a message. Showing that you care about your clients and their feedback is important and builds credibility on your social networks! Follow your fellow agents’ accounts and show them support - it’s as simple as throwing them a like or comment. You only need to take about 5 minutes or your day to engage with your followers. 

Interacting with your followers and fellow agents online is one of the easiest ways to increase engagement instantly and is often overlooked as a strategy! Get ahead of the game and set a goal of commenting on at least 3 posts a day - it’s as simple as leaving an emoji to show your support or interest 😊 

Measure Your Progress

If you’re serious about increasing your engagement on social media, it’s essential to track your progress. This allows you to see how your content is doing and which posts perform better than others. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have built-in analytics tools that you can use to see how your posts are doing and how many people your account is reaching. All you have to do is go to the Settings of your account and click on the analytics tabs. 

If you don’t have the time to do all of this manually, consider investing in a tool that automates your social media strategy for you and tracks your progress automatically.

Add Videos to Your Content

Videos are a great way to grab new clients’ attention and keep your followers engaged with your profile! Videos (especially live videos) allow you to create more personalized, real-time interactions and have a conversation with your clients. Videos are also a great alternative to face-to-face interactions which have been much more difficult to have given the situation of the global pandemic. You still have the opportunity to have a conversation with clients and address their needs from the comfort of your home (office)!

Bonus Tip: Advertise your video content before posting especially if you’re “going LIVE”! Post a little teaser or sneak peek the day before your final content drops to get your followers excited and ready!

Increase your social media with PropertySimple! We assist thousands of agents every day with automated and personalized social media marketing. Let us help you boost your online presence and dominate the real estate market! 


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