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Get to Know PropertySimple's New CRM!

Recently on the blog, we discussed why a CRM is one of the best investments you can make in your real estate business. A good CRM organizes all of your client interactions and helps you optimize your follow up to generate more revenue. We know a CRM is important for our agents which is why here at PropertySimple we’ve invested many of our resources into creating our own complete CRM! 

So what makes our CRM stand out from the rest? PropertySimple’s CRM is based on carefully done research and conversations with real estate professionals to gain a better understanding of what agents need in today’s real estate business. We know it’s not just about getting leads. You need a system that is simple to use, doesn’t break the bank, and actually leads to more conversions. Let’s walk through our CRM and all it offers. 

Automated Follow Up Playbooks

With PropertySimple’s CRM, each time you get a new lead, we immediately enroll them in an 8-step email and text message sequence designed to nurture and convert. The goal is to help you increase conversions by making sure that every single lead receives consistent follow up on your behalf. You can also create your own customized follow up drip campaigns to send to your leads!

Lead Verification

Since we know agents are always short on time, we’ll tell you which leads have verified phone numbers to help you prioritize your follow up. This way you know who’s real versus not. Don’t waste time tracking down a contact that really doesn't exist or isn’t genuinely interested.

Call Transcription & Recording

Our CRM transcribes and records all of your calls in real time, making it quick and easy to review important details from your call. All of your recordings and transcripts are automatically logged and attached to each lead in your CRM so that you’ll never have to worry about missing a single word from your call! This way you’ll save time, improve accuracy, and overall make your life easier.

AI Hot Lead Identification

One of our favorite features! When those new leads come in, you need to follow up and fast! Our Artificial Intelligence will automatically detect which of your leads are high-intent and mark them as a Hot Lead in your CRM. Every time our AI detects a Hot Lead, we'll send you a text message so you can follow up immediately. This way you’ll never miss a lead and know which ones you need to prioritize over others!

Streamline Your Sales Process

Tracking your follow-up can be tedious and time-consuming. Our CRM simplifies that for you. You can track and view your lead details, notes, follow-up tasks, logged calls, and text messages all in one place. Our CRM allows you to organize reminders, take notes and manage communication with clients all at once. You can see every interaction you’ve had with each lead or client and customize their information to how you see fit!

Social Insights

Every time you run an ad with us on social media, whether it be for an open house, new to market listing, just sold property, or price reduction, we track all the leads your ad pulls. Our CRM is special because it flags your leads from all social interactions on content posted to your social media platforms, like your Facebook Business page. Once a contact is created, we'll alert you to take action! Just another way to organize and monitor your leads and save you hours of scrolling and writing down contact information.

At the end of the day, PropertySimple’s CRM takes care of your follow up for you so that you can focus on working with clients and closing deals.   We make sure you never miss a lead, and always know which leads are a priority and others that are not (we flag them as HOT and categorize them automatically) and then track your follow-up. Our CRM will not only save you time and money, but it will also bring you commission. Our team is here to support you every step of the way- Sign up today and we’ll do the rest for you! 


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