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New Feature Announcement: Instagram Posting

After a lot of hard work from our developers, we are very excited to launch Instagram Posting! 

What is Instagram Posting?

With this new feature, you will be able to:

  • Automatically post listings and videos to Instagram 
  • Edit captions and post all in one go
  • Post any video to Instagram 
  • Share your video business card 

With the rise of Instagram reels and content posting, real estate agents need to get on these trending platforms in order to stay relevant and continue nurturing leads. Connecting your Instagram to your PropertySimple account allows you to expand your sales channels and connect with a whole new market of potential clients.

Awesome, where do I start? 

It’s pretty simple! Just follow the steps below:

  1. Create a Business Facebook page
  2. Create a Business Instagram account
  3. Link the two accounts via Facebook
  4. Connect Instagram to PropertySimple
  5. Get posting!

If you’re still having trouble, our Support Team will be happy to help! Talk to us on the lower right chat bubble on our website or on your dashboard. 

I don’t have a PropertySimple account - how can I get in on this? 

No worries, the PropertySimple team has got your back! You can try out personalized marketing for your real estate business for FREE! 

This bundle includes:

  • Content & Videos for Your Social Media
  • Automation Tools & Reports
  • CRM & Automated Follow-Up

Sign up today to get these perks for free!


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