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Building a Long Term Pipeline with PropertySimple

How Texas Real Estate Agent Closed a $249K deal with PropertySimple

Roslyn Jones was just getting back into real estate full-time again when her team lead presented her with a new strategy to close more deals: a marketing and lead generation platform called PropertySimple. The platform would generate the leads, and Roslyn would work the leads. Was she down to try it? 

Roslyn agreed to give it a go. 

The results? 

After investing $499/month with their PropertySimple marketing, Roslyn closed a $249K deal with one of the first leads from their PropertySimple ZIP Code, earning them $7,470 in revenue and a 2.5 ROI 🔥🔥

Roslyn’s Story

Roslyn Jones has been a real estate agent with Keller Williams for about two years. Prior to real estate, she worked in IT for 12 years. She works on a team of agents in Austin, Texas, and lives and breathes real estate. Her passion for real estate stems from her deeply held desire to help others find their sanctuary at home. With PropertySimple, she was able to help one family do just that.

“I love real estate. It’s the hardest job I’ve ever loved.”

“After years in corporate America, having and loving my own sanctuary pushed me to pursue my dream / career in real estate.  I decided it is time for me to help others find their sanctuary, too.” -Roslyn Jones, Keller Williams. Austin, TX


The Challenge

Roslyn’s team lead, Monty Maulding, needed a way to generate a steady stream of fresh and reliable leads for the real estate agents on his team to work. These fresh leads would ultimately expand their client base and help them close more deals. 

Once Roslyn’s team added PropertySimple to their database, she immediately saw an increase in opportunities

With a steady stream of leads daily, Roslyn was able to focus her time on following up and making sure that no opportunities fell through the cracks. "The ones that do answer the phone are ready (or almost ready) to buy, are receptive, and ready to talk with a lender," said Roslyn.

In addition, PropertySimple’s automated texting features were a game-changer for Roslyn. All of her leads receive an automated text message on her behalf, and then she sends a follow-up text message directly from her PropertySimple CRM to warm up her leads. 

“The auto texting feature that [PropertySimple] has is pure genius. It’s really a time saver, and makes me more efficient.” - Roslyn Jones

The Property Simple Difference

After a few months of consistent follow-up with one of her first leads from PropertySimple, Roslyn closed her first deal and was able to fulfill her goal of helping her clients purchase their dream home. 

At PropertySimple, we promise to deliver the tools to achieve your goals: 

  • Increased exposure by featuring your name and contact information on every property in your ZIP Code
  • A steady stream of leads with verified phone numbers
  • A built-in CRM with follow-up tools to increase conversions

Ready to see how PropertySimple can help you grow your business and close more deals? See how it works.


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