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INTRODUCING: AI OPTIMIZATION 🔥 AI Technology for Real Estate Agents


This the moment real estate agents have all been waiting for 🥁 We’re excited to introduce our latest feature: AI Optimization for Real Estate Agents! We know that as real estate agents, your time is valuable so every second counts. That’s why we’re implementing Elon Musk’s Artificial Intelligence: the same one that powers ChatGPT and now… PropertySimple. 

With our AI, you can now create optimized ads for your real estate business in just seconds. This means no more wasting time researching and editing and re-editing - our AI takes into account various factors such as location and property type to target an audience that is specific to your needs

It doesn’t stop there - our AI feature will also soon allow you to generate social media content, text messages, emails and call scripts instantly and on-demand. Follow-up is a crucial step for your business, so imagine following up with a lead immediately with 0 extra work? This kind of service sets you apart from your competition.

As a real estate agent, using AI is a game changer for your business. With AI-powered tech, you will spend less time on menial, repetitive tasks and more time focusing on the important things: like closing deals and building relationships with clients. 

If you’re already subscribed, head to the Ads Manager to try out our new feature! 


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