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7 Tips for Real Estate Facebook Ad Copy that Generates Leads

When it comes to getting results from your Facebook ads, your ad copy is one of the most important factors. 

However, the majority of real estate Facebook ads that we see involve a copied and pasted listing description, with the agent’s contact information slapped on at the end.

We get it, you’ve got hundreds of other priorities on your to-do list. But we’re here to tell you that just taking 10 extra minutes to write strategic ad copy that resonates with your audience can mean the difference between a click (and possible sale!), or a scroll. 

In this post, we’ll go through seven key considerations for successful real estate Facebook ad copy, and examples of how you can incorporate them into your ads.

Tip 1: Highlight the Main Features of the Home, but Don’t Give Everything Away

If you’re running an ad for one of your listings, make sure to cover the main features of the home. This will ensure that everyone who fills out your lead form or clicks on your ad is a qualified lead for the property. These high priority items can include the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the area the listing is in, and the type of home (rental, single-family, condo, etc.)

While it’s important to include this basic qualifying information, make sure that you leave out some details.

Why? With Facebook ads, your goal will mainly be to get people to click through to your listing or to fill out your lead form. If you give them all the information right away, they’ll have no reason to click to find out more.

For example, the copy of this ad presents all the essential information about the home (number of bedrooms and bathrooms, type of home, and general location), but leaves out the exact address, prompting the audience to click the “Learn More” button or to call the agent at the phone number provided.

Tip 2: Include a High-Demand Feature 

Peak the interest of your audience by including a feature that you know your target market values. Maybe you live in Arizona, where average summer temps can reach over 105 degrees. Highlighting the attractive pool is the perfect way to drive up engagement. 

For real estate agents advertising listings in big cities where residents value any extra space they can get, balconies or terraces are a high-demand feature that can increase your clickthrough rate. 

This real estate agent highlights the benefit that their listing is located in a community with NO HOA fees. With the average HOA fee ranging from $200-$300 per month, not having to pay this monthly expense is attractive to many buyers.

Tip 3: Put the Most Important Information First

You can write an amazing description, but the truth is that people are busy, and most won’t actually read your full listing description. 

In order to make sure that everyone who sees your ad gets all of the essential information, start off with the most important details, and leave the “nice-to-knows” for the end.

In this ad, the real estate agent specifies that this property is FOR RENT right off the bat. As home buyers and renters are entirely different target markets, it’s essential that the audience knows this before reading on to the rest of the listing information.

Tip 4: Use Emojis in Your Ad Copy 🤩

A picture speaks a thousand words, right? Well, when it comes to the language of the internet, emojis have quickly become one of the best ways to relay your message. Not only do they allow you to easily communicate the tone of your text, but when placed strategically, they can draw your audience’s eye to the most important parts of your copy. 

Check out how this copy uses emojis to highlight what the agent wants the reader to focus on:

Take advantage of Florida living at its finest in this 🛌3 bedroom, 🚽2 bath, Boca Raton home 🏝

Features include a luxurious master sweet with raised tub, plus a large pool out back 🏊‍♀️

Contact [name] at [phone number] to learn more about this custom home in the Sunshine State ☀️

It may sound silly, but another one of the great things about emojis is that they help you build trust with your network. Using emojis makes you seem more relatable and lighthearted, and in turn, increase the number of people who trust your brand. This is especially important when you’re reaching people who are seeing your business for the first time. 

Tip 5: Use FOMO

Ever heard of FOMO? Along with being one of the most popular millennial acronyms (fear of missing out), it’s also proven to be a lucrative social media marketing tactic.

There are countless ways that you can use FOMO to boost your lead generation, and one of them is including it in your social media ad copy.

When writing your ad copy, focus on building a feeling of exclusivity, urgency, and scarcity. For real estate agents, you can do this in several ways. 

Highlight desirable features that are in demand, and hard to find. This could be an awesome location, extra bedroom, solar panels, etc. You can also use language such as “this won’t last”, or “exclusive opportunity” to incite FOMO.

This ad takes advantage of FOMO in two ways: first, the real estate agent presents a pretty incredible offer: as a Holiday Special, the broker fee will be paid by the landlord.

Second, there is a time limit: Renters only have until January 1st to take advantage of this offer!

Tip 6: Include your Contact Information

When running real estate Facebook ads, it’s a good idea to include your contact information in the copy. More often than not, there will always be people who are interested in the property or your services who don’t click the ad. Including your contact information ensures that you don’t lose these sales.

Tip 7: Test your Results

What works best for your ads is highly dependent on your listings and your target market. The most effective way to set your strategy is by testing several techniques and seeing which works best. 

One of the great things about the Facebook ads manager is that it gives you the option to run a split test. This means that you can run two ads that are exactly the same, except for the copy, and when the ad is complete, Facebook will tell you which performed better.

When you run a split test, you want to make sure that your two copy options have significant differences (i.e. you want to change more than just a few words). A good place to start is by testing long versus short copy, which features you include, and different call to actions.

Keep experimenting until you find the style that generates the most exposure, clicks and ultimately, more sales for your real estate business. 


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