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The Ultimate Social Media Strategy for Real Estate Agents

Did you know that it takes just around 30 days to form a habit?

That's right! With a little effort, in just 30 days you could be a well-oiled social media marketing machine. All it takes is starting, on day 1.

Successfully marketing your real estate business on social media is all about consistency. Consistently posting valuable content to your network builds trust and it's no secret that trust is the key to growing a business and making sales.

The hardest part about posting to social media consistently? Coming up with content and knowing what to post.

But we're here to lend a helping hand! 👋

We've done the hard part for you- we've brainstormed a list of 30 unique pieces of valuable content, that you can share as a real estate agent to connect with your network and boost your brand. We've broken this content up into six categories: fun, engaging, work-related, personal, practical and local knowledge.

Your challenge is simple: Post one piece of content per day for the next 30 days to your social media channels and get ready to watch your networks grow!

If you want to take it one step further, tag friends with @mentions, share your content across all your channels and answer all reactions, comments, and messages to increase your engagement! 💪

Social Media Posting Tips for Real Estate Agents



#1 Post a funny meme or GIF.

Memes and GIFs are one of the greatest symbols of social media out there. They're easy to create and even easier to share. Also, it's been proven that posts with some kind of humor involved are way more likely to attract attention.

View this post on Instagram

Something to be said about this!

A post shared by Herb Rim (@herb.rim) on


#2 Share one of your favorite quotes.

A quick and easy, yet meaningful piece of content to share is a quote. A little inspiration goes a long way!

If you want to spice things up, you could even add your quote to a graphic like agent Jeanine Panarelli did below.

Tip- use a free and user-friendly graphic design service like Canva to create quote graphics in a matter of minutes!


#3 Tell a fun fact about you- something silly or special that not many people know.

Sharing something like a personal fun fact on your social media channels is always a great way to connect with your audience. Building trust with prospects is huge in any industry and the more your network knows about you, the more likely they are to trust you and want to do business with you.

Personal post idea for real estate agents





#4 Share a book, podcast, recipe or song you’ve been loving.

If you're really enjoying something like a book, podcast, recipe or song, don't keep it all to yourself. Spread the word!

Chances are if you're really loving something, someone in your network will love it too. They'll be extremely thankful that you shared and most likely think of you while they're reading, listening or cooking.

#5 Run a contest or competition.

Hosting a contest or competition is a great way to expand your social media reach and increase awareness of your business. You can even use a contest to collect contact info or grow your email list.

Help your competition go viral by making one of the entry requirements to share the contest with friends who may be interested.

Social Media Posting Tips for Real Estate Agents



#6 Ask your followers a question.

The best way to prompt comments and other engagements? Ask for them. That's right, simply asking for advice or recommendations is a great way to generate a TON of engagement.

Engaging post example


#7 Post a survey or poll with multiple choice answers.

Facebook makes it super easy to create surveys or polls right within the app. This content makes it super easy for your followers to engage and participate, as the answers are already there in front of them. All they have to do is choose one!

Social Media Shout Out example


#8 Shout-out a local influencer, business, or follower with an @mention or tag.

If you're looking to get someone specific's attention why not mention or tag them in your posts? This way you can make sure they'll see your content. When you @mention or tag another user, they'll receive a notification and be prompted to view your post.

Example of a Social Media shout out


#9 Post a fill-in-the-blank statement.

Fill-in-the-blank statements are yet another fun and easy type of content you can share with your network that will encourage engagement. It's also an interesting way to gather info about your target audience to use for content creation in the future!

Some examples to get you started:

  • The first word that pops into my head when I think of [YOUR CITY] is __________.
  • My favorite thing about [YOUR CITY] is _________.
  • One restaurant/store/coffeeshop I can't live without in [YOUR CITY] is __________.
  • The one word I'd use to describe how my workday today is going is ___________.
  • If I could snap my fingers right now and be anywhere in the world, I'd go to _________.

Agent standing on a map


#10 Share someone else’s social media post

Here's some good news- on social media there's no need to create every piece of content that you share from scratch! Sharing a post, photo or tweet from someone else not only gives you a break from content creation, but is also an awesome way to build relationships with other users.

They may even return the favor and share one of yours!


#11 Give an inside look at your office/workspace.

Everyone loves a good "behind-the-scenes" style post. Ask a coworker or passerby to snap a quick shot and give your network a look at where you're spending the majority of your days!


#12 Take a “day-in-the-life” video of one of your listing visits, open houses, or appointments.

Your network will surely enjoy an inside look at the "real estate hustle." As an agent, you're most likely often on the move, so why not let your followers in on the journey?

Agent Edward Hutchinson does a great job of sharing his day-to-day with his network, filming interesting properties that he visits, interviews he does with other agents in the area and even his morning surf sessions. In the below video Ed uses an Insta 360 camera to film himself walking through a $49m property in Bel Air. This short clip got over 4K views! 


#13 Share a testimonial from or a photo of happy customers.

Nothing promotes your business better than a heartfelt testimonial or a photo of past clients' smiling faces. This right here is social proof- and provides tangible evidence that you're an agent prospects can trust.



#14 Share your business or company goals.

Sharing your goals with your social media community is not only a great way to hold yourself accountable, but also shows others that you're a hardworking and committed real estate agent. You can post periodic updates as you get closer to your finish line, and even if you happen to fall short, your network will appreciate your honesty, hard work, and transparency.

In this video, Ed shares his ambitious goal of selling $30 million worth of residential real estate by the end of the year and invites his network to follow along with his progress. Even though Ed didn't end up reaching this goal, he came pretty close and exponentially grew his social media networks along the way.

Screenshot of a Social Media video series


#15 Announce company news.

Try not to brag, but there's no harm in celebrating an achievement, award or milestone with your network. And don't forget to thank your followers for all their support!


View this post on Instagram

Thank you so much to my clients, and all the folks that support me at the office. It's been my pleasure to work with you all.

A post shared by Herb Rim (@herb.rim) on



#16 Post photos of you, your pets or your family.

The real estate game is all about building trust and nurturing relationships, and the best way to do that is on a more personal level. If you're only sharing information about your business, your network will get bored, fast.

On the other hand, the more you let your network into your life, beyond your career, the more they'll connect with you on a personal level. These personal connections are the ones that last. 


#17 Post something seasonal or holiday related.

Holiday or seasonal themed content is a sure conversation starter and easy lighthearted content to share! It's fun, festive, and relevant. You can share your favorite activities for the time of year, give recommendations on seasonal recipes or simply wish your network happy holidays.

Social Media holiday greeting example


#18 Tell your audience about your hobbies or interests.

We're guessing there's a lot more to you than just real estate. What do you like to do in your free time? Do you play a sport? Maybe you sing, paint, teach yoga or play an instrument. If you volunteer or help out in the community, you may even be able to get others involved!

Developing your personal brand both in and outside of the real estate industry will give your followers and friends more opportunities to get to know the real you.


#19 Share your business or brand values.

Putting your brand's beliefs and core values front and center and then consistently acting on them is very important to building a favorable reputation in the real estate industry. In the over-saturated social media marketplace, sharing your values will set you apart and help you connect with your network on a deeper level.

Download our social media posting tips for real estate agents


#20 Post a #TBT or Throwback (AKA old) photo.

Throwback photos are truly a blast from the past! Share nostalgic pictures to show your network how far you've come, relive a bygone era, or even poke fun at your old out-of-style hairdo!



#21 Share the reasons why you love your city.

Before convincing prospects that you're the agent for the job, they first have to be sold on your city. Why should someone move to your area? What makes your neighborhood special?

Showing enthusiasm for your market is sure to work in your favor!

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A post shared by Jeanine Panarelli (@east_tn_realtor) on


#22 Share info about current and upcoming local events.

As a real estate agent, you'll want to present yourself as your area's expert. You should stay up to date on what's going on in town and share with your network. Do this right, and you'll have your network consistently coming back to check your social channels for info about what's going on.


#23 Recommend an activity, restaurant or other small business in your area.

Similar to informing your followers of upcoming events, you can give them other recommendations on your favorite restaurants, shopping areas, bars, parks, activities, services and more! The more info you share about your area the more reputable you'll be as an agent.

Giving location specific recommendations on Social Media


#24 Share a trending article, blog post or topic that pertains to your market.

If you read a reputable and interesting article or blog post that seems relevant to those in your area, share it on your social channels. This is content that your network will find useful and valuable, and will thank you for sharing, but you didn't even have to create it yourself!



#25 Talk about neighborhood news or current events.

Is there something going on in your area that you think your community should know about? Maybe you just got word of a new shopping center coming to your area or an initiative being started by students at a local school. Keep your network open and updated to become your community's go-to resource!

Tip- Try your best to keep away from controversial topics, and share positive news unless absolutely necessary.



Do you stay up to date on what's going on with both the national and local housing market? If so, show off your real estate expertise and break down this info into digestible bites for your followers.


#27 Share how-to's, guides or home hacks.

Chances are your network is always looking for quick tips and tricks to get their home in order. Help them out by sharing clever yet simple hacks for organizing or cleaning, or doing repairs. Make their lives easier with solutions to their common problems!

DIY hacks to post on social media as an agent


#28 Share industry facts & stats.

Another great way to establish your expertise is to share interesting facts and stats about the real estate industry. These quick bits are sure to keep your network entertained.

Industry facts to share on social media as an agent


#29 Post lists or checklists.

We don't know about you, but we love a good list. In a world of "non-readers," chances are your network will respond better to a list with clear topics and headlines.

These type of social media posts, articles or blog posts are the perfect tool for demonstrating your knowledge and exhibiting your areas of expertise.

Checklist post example for real estate agents


#30 Answer some frequently asked questions (FAQs) or host a live Q&A.

Keep your network well informed and address any hesitations they might have ahead of time. We're sure you get tons of questions from clients regularly, so use this content to create something valuable for your network on a bigger scale.

Screenshot of a live Q&A with a real estate agent

Get these 30 content types in an organized worksheet to go ⬇️⬇️

Download the ultimate social media content strategy


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